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Confidentiality Policy

Our outgoing email (orignating with us) is end to end encrypted by Paubox.  If you reply to an email from us, your reply should also automatically be encrypted.  You can find a secure encrypted email form on the contact tab above or by clicking the box below.  (This will open a new window on your browser.) If you send email by other means, we cannot guarantee that it is encrypted.

Be sure to specifically ask for an email reply if you wish to receive a reply by email instead of telephone.

Email Policy

Whether requested via phone, email, fax, or any other form of communication, at no time will information of a client be provided to anybody other than the client without a signed "Release of Information" contract from the client for the entity requesting information.  Shellie will be asking for your release of information to speak to any other medical or mental health professionals who work with you in order to provide effective and ethical care.

If you wish to have information shared with a family member or another professional, be sure to request the "Release of Information" forms.

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