Selove Professional Counseling & Consulting

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We believe that all people have the capacity to change their lives and the lives of others for the better.  The goal of this practice is to support individuals, couples, families, professionals, and organizations to make changes that will lead to improvement in their quality of life.

To help you achieve this, Shellie Selove offers counseling in the following areas:



Anxiety (General, Panic, Phobias)

Depression (including Bipolar)

Grief & Loss

Lifespan Transitions

Parenting Education & Support

Spirituality (Incorporating client's faith)

Stress Management

General Issues


Relationship Therapy

• Couples & Family Counseling

• Pre-marital Counseling

• Healing from an Affair

• Marital Enrichment

• Separating Couples

• Animal Assisted Therapy

• Communication Improvement

• Problem Solving

• Relationships Within Organizations

Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Individuals with Autism

          Social Skills

          Relationship Work

          Self Esteem/Empowerment

• Support and Guidance for Parents

   and Partners

Sex Therapy

• Sexual Desire Issues

• Sexual Functioning (eg. Erectile

   Dysfunction, Anorgasmia)

• Sex and Disability

• Sex and Medical Issues (eg. Cancer)

• Lifespan Issues (teens, mid-life,


• Sexual Orientation and Gender

   Issues (SPCC is a Safe Zone)

• Sexual Assault/Abuse

Change Your Life for the Better