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Nathan Selove's Page

Nathan's facebook page serves as a forum for his autism advocacy activities.  On it, you will find posts that are sometimes fun and sometimes serious.  They are always geared toward helping our fellow "autistics" develop a positive autistic self-identity.

Many parents like to use it to post questions about their own children.  Nathan provides a perspective for the autistic side of the spectrum.

Nathan's Youtube Channel is also worth a look.  He likes to make videos and many are either overtly or covertly autistic themed.  Be sure to check out his series called "Autism Actually Speaking".

Nathan and Sylvia

In this video Nathan tells the bittersweet story of how he got his service dog, Sylvia, and what a difference that made.

S#!t People Say to Autistic Service Dog Partners

Here is a funny video that makes a serious point.  Nathan describes some of the things people often say to him in public about his service dog.